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The Therapies


Injury Treatment

Treatment can include ultra sounding, interferential, hands-on massage, trigger pointing, soft tissue release, stretching, mobility and rehabilitation sheets.

Sports Massage

This involves working on specific muscles using a combination of hands-on therapeutic and deep tissue massage, assisted or passive stretching and provide strengthening exercises and stretches, if needed. A Sports Massage will help with recovery time. Regular massage helps keep you active and helps to sort out your niggles before they become problems.

Full Body sports Massage

The techniques used here are similar to the sports massage but the massage is used on all area of the body.


This massage is a light to medium massage. This is a more a relaxing massage but still getting the benefit of your muscles being worked on. For the person who wants to relax  after a hard days work but doesn’t have too many aches, pains and stiffness or is having treatment and wants this type of massage in between treatments

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage focuses on breaking down scar tissue that reduces range of motion on your body for example stiff necks, low back tightness and restricted shoulders. It uses deep pressure, slow strokes and friction across the fibres of muscle, tendon and fascia. This can be quite sore after however you will feel more mobile.   

Pre and Post Event Massage

These are for anyone who is coming up to an event or competition who needs looking after and making sure they are ready for their event.

Pre can be weeks running up to the event to on the day. We would look out for any niggles, tightness’s that need to be dealt with before your day and on the day we will loosen you up ready for your event.

Post is a deeper massage that will make you feel lighter and looser and to rid of the build of lactic acid and any problems that you may of occurred during your day. This type of massage should be done within the week after your event.

Maintenance Massage

This for the person who has had their specific treatment and all is well and therefore comes in on a weekly to 2 weekly basis to keep it maintained. This will be a specific massage for the individual to will keep up with the area/areas that has been treated

already. If any new injury occur this problem will need to be treated as a new treatment therapy. Therapies include injury treatment, sports massage, deep tissue massage and specific condition massage that allow a person to move onto this therapy.

Specific Condition Massage

This is a very specific massage for the individual who has a medical condition that massage can help/relieve/ be beneficial physically and/or psychologically.

These conditions are Parkinson Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, Post operative (musculoskeletal). If you have a medical condition and your doctor has recommended massage or you feel it can help and the doctor agrees, ring us so we can help.

With treatment we also, if required, provide an exercise program specific to your needs to help with strengthening, loosening, mobilising, daily functioning to name a few.

Pregnancy  Massage

This is the time when you can take time out for you and your baby to make sure you are both happy and comfortable so you can have more time enjoying your pregnancy. Massage is definitely one of life’s pleasures that you can enjoy throughout your pregnancy. When your body is changing, there are new demands on your neck, back, and legs that can be tiring and painful therefore massage can help with circulation, nerve discomfort and reduce fatigue mentally and physically. We have three type of seating that we can position your body comfortably and use safe techniques.

Pregnancy massage is usually begun during the 2nd or 3rd trimester. Please make sure your doctor is happy for you to have a massage and check with him/her throughout your pregnancy as things can always change.

Seated Upper Body Massage

This massage you keep your clothes on so it is for people who are on their lunch hour or would prefer to keep their clothes on. Also good for stiff people who need mobilising more that a deep massage. Loose clothing is helpful.  

Face Massage

This is not to be confused by the typical facial massage that you would get at a spa or beauty salon, but a this is a massage for the face. The difference being that it is for people who have problems with eye strain, tension, headaches, stress. Like the rest of the body gets stressed and tense and we therefore massage it to feel better, the face also needs this type of attention and we do neglect it. So this a special type of massage especially for the face working around the front of the neck into the jaw, up around the cheeks and eyes to the temples and across the forehead. A gentle, relaxing but therapeutic massage.

Head Massage

This is similar to the face massage but the scalp, back of the neck and upper shoulders are involved. This type of massage is good if you get stress and tension in shoulders and up the back of neck and head, headaches and mental stresses which we all do more so nowadays.